No Challenge Is Too Great

Abilities Community Services is a Victoria BC-based community services agency founded in 1998 with a focus on supporting individuals with diverse abilities.

Our motto is, No Challenge Is Too Great.

We pride ourselves on being able to support anyone no matter the challenge. Our Vision is based on community inclusion and equality. We use an Active Support Model that focuses on working alongside people to achieve their goals.

Abilities believes that people with diverse abilities should be part of the community. For the past 23 years, we have focused on providing quality programs that are personalized to each person’s unique needs and interests. We design our programs by listening to our participants, their families, and caregivers. We see the Abilities of each person – No Challenge Is Too Great.

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The Importance of Black History Month

As an organization, Abilities takes pride in our diverse workforce, which makes Black History Month an incredibly important part of celebrating diversity. It’s an excellent opportunity to reflect on how much progress has been made


Today this skeleton key is a reminder of an era where locking people away was an accepted social policy. Thankfully, consistent advocacy has resulted in community inclusion being the accepted social policy. Inclusion is based on the belief that, when we include everyone in our community, we all benefit. People with developmental disabilities bring unique gifts and talents to the table, and when they are allowed to share them, everyone benefits. Through the continued advocacy of organizations and individuals, we can continue to move forward, unlock the power of inclusion, and create a world where everyone has access to the key that unlocks their full potential.

Black History Month

Diversity is one of the most important aspects of community service. It allows for different people from all walks of life and cultures to come together and share their experiences and knowledge. This can lead to a better understanding of different cultures in our community and within our organization.


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Abilities provides a progressive and diverse work environment that is focused on supporting people with diverse abilities.


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