ShopAbilities was started to provide a new employment opportunity for people who have challenging behaviours. People who have challenging behaviours have been largely excluded from the employment market.due in. large part to the unpredictable behaviours that can occur. Individuals who have devopmental disabilities suffer from a higher unemployment rate than the average person and if they have challenging behaviours the unemployment rate increases exponentially Our goal is to help change that by creating a model that recognizes these challenges and supports the individual to be successful.

Traditional supported employment programs do not work for those with challenging behaviours. The solution? Create a business that honours and supports the unique needs that challenging behaviours present.

ShopAbilities’ goal is to create a start up business for people with challenging behaviours. Our goals are consistent with the principles of community inclusion:

  1. Outreach to the community: we ask community members for used book donations. We do this by delivering flyers to households in the community (community inclusion) This gives us the opportunity to talk about our business and to promote our participants.
  2. We pick up and deliver the used books (community inclusion)
  3. The books are catalogued and entered in our online store
  4. Orders are processed, packaged and shipped (initially we will only ship locally) (packaging is done by our participants by creating artful packaging that is created in our community inclusion arts and crafts program)
  5. Initially, funds collected through our sales are reinvested in the business and our day program. As sales increase, our goal is to begin creating paid positions

How can you get involved? Donate or buy from us – feel good, it’s that simple.

Visit our store at: ShopAbilities