Our Story

Abilities was founded in 1998 with a primary goal of supporting individuals who have diverse abilities. We emphasize the empowerment of people with diverse abilities through community inclusion.

Abilities started as a small day program and has grown to include residential support and a social enterprise that we call, ShopAbilities. As an accredited agency, Abilities provides services in cooperation with various community members and professionals. Our services are guided by a person-centred planning process that focuses on individual goals and preferences. Access to our services is directed and funded by Community Living British Columbia.

Our Motto

No Challenge Is Too Great

The mission of Abilities is to support people with diverse abilities to reach their individual goals through choices and planning and to participate and contribute as equal members of the community.

The mission of a support worker at Abilities Community Services is to provide support for individuals with behavioural & developmental challenges. We do this by assisting our participants to achieve their goals through teamwork, community inclusion and empathy.


We believe that inclusive communities include everyone and people with diverse abilities are treated as equal members of society. Our motto is ‘No Challenge Is Too Great.’

To promote, organize and support the education, training, development and welfare of all people with diverse abilities in a manner consistent with our Mission Statement. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life for the people we support through:

  • Respect
  • Community Inclusion
  • Human Connection
  • A Person Centred Approach
  • Open and Transparent Communication
  • High Standards and Quality Assurance

Meet Our Leadership Team


We operate two day programs at Abilities providing options for full inclusion into the community. Our day program focuses on recreation, life skills and leisure activities.

We operate Monday – Friday 9am to 3pm


We provide 24 hour support and care to adults with diverse abilities. Each individual has their own private room. Residential support is offered 7 days a week


In 2018 we created a new business that offers opportunities to learn new skills and earn income we call this – ShopAbilities.

Our Policies

We have a full policy manual to make sure that your rights are covered and being followed.

Abilities Policy Manual