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December 2021

Supporting People With Challenging Behaviours

Supporting individuals who have challenging behaviors means we frequently come across people engaging in activities that we don't want them to do. You frequently hear caregivers say things like, "stop doing that," "sit down," and so on. When I ask staff if there is a better way, they often give me a questioning look. Its

November 2021

The Mission of a Support Worker – It’s About Setting Goals

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with my staff to create a mission statement for our support workers. Although it had more to do with the philosophy of our team, I was reminded how important these statements are for providing direction and inspiration when we work at goal setting. Here is the example of

October 2021

What Is A Proactive Support Worker?

Proactive Support Work At Abilities, we train and use the Seven Habits of Effective Support Work to provide a model for effective support work. The first habit of Highly Effective Support work is to Be A Proactive Support Worker. This habit teaches that support workers need to be responsible for their development and the

July 2021

ShopAbilities, a Social Enterprise for People with Developmental Disabilities

ShopAbilities, a Social Enterprise for People with Developmental Disabilities What is a social enterprise? Social enterprise businesses create a positive impact and make life better for those they work with. We started ShopAbilities in 2018 as a social enterprise business to support people with developmental disabilities to have a better life. ShopAbilities

May 2021

The 7 Habits of Effective Support Work Revisited

7 Habits Revisited If a book sells over 25 million copies and is translated into 40 different languages, it can be said with some certainty that it may contain a useful messages. But, in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey presents much more than just a useful message. He introduces life -

ShopAbilities – Why We Do What We Do

ShopAbilities was founded in 2018 as an extension of the Abilities Community Inclusion Program, which has been supporting adults with developmental disabilities in Victoria B.C. since 1998. Our vision is to give people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to gain meaningful employment and increasing community connections. This vision is complemented by our

April 2019

Challenging Behaviour Definition

In 1998 Abilities Community Services was formed with a primary purpose of supporting people with challenging behaviours. When we started Abilities we had the great pleasure to work with Nathan Ory, a Victoria based psychologist, who focuses on working with challenging behaviours. What is challenging behavior? Ory defines challenging behaviors as behaviours that

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