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Author: Whittle, John Robert
An eclectic mix of stories from Whittle's writing over the past 15 years during his rise to fame through writing ten published novels. Again, with assistance from his wife Joyce Sandilands as co-author, you'll find autobiographical, historical, adventure, fantasy (ghost) etc ...something for everyone, and as is expected by his fans, suitable for all ages. \n\nAs per many requests, you'll now learn more about Robert's life as a Yorkshire youngster and a mining engineer in the '50s taking on one of that times' most dangerous jobs. You'll also find two of his poems. \n\nHis special surprise is a novel within a novel ... a western, which is receiving great reviews. If you're not a western fan, don't worry, if you have enjoyed any of Robert and Joyce's previous novels, you'll not want to miss this one either Yesterdays will have you turning the pages, no doubt with either a laugh or a tear \n\nHere's a small selection of some of the 16 stories chosen to be featured in this volume:\nMotivated by Fear - Three young Jewish boys attempt to escape from Berlin after their parents are arrested during WW2. Hitching rides on trains and often walking, they travel by night through horrid winter weather trying desperately not to get caught as they cross Europe.\nA Chance Meeting - A wounded soldier, disembarking from a troop ship on Canada's west coast, meets a woman with a young child desperately searching for her husband who was also expected to be returning from the battlefields of Europe. Features characters from Victoria Chronicles Trilogy.\nThree Janion Ring Stories - Tales of old Victoria are told through the ghost of the old Janion Hotel on Victoria's Inner Harbour.\nA Change of Attitude - Some children finally discover the value of having a lonely old woman as a neighbour.\nConfused Identity - A policeman discovers that a street person is not quite what he appears to be.
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